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Pet Mobility Carts

Hand built in the USA, designed and tested by Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeons, the K9 Carts dog wheelchair is the product of over 50 years experience by the originators of pet mobility.      

We are the exclusive distributors of K9 Carts in Australia.  K9 Carts are the only mobility carts that are fully convertible a two-wheeled cart can be converted to an extra-supportive and a fully-supportive cart.

This two-wheeled cart is designed for dogs and cats with rear limb weakness. Excellent for post-surgery rehabilitation. This Wheelchair is especially effective for dogs suffering from degenerative myelopathy. Your pet should walk strongly with its front legs when using the towel test, and the desire to be active.      

Can be used as a walking cart (with rear paws on the ground) or as suspension (with rear legs held up in protective slings). Cable leg rings  are covered with contoured, dense foam padding to prevent pressure sores and give pelvic support.

husky-dog-wheelchair.pngImage of a two-wheeled cart


Extra Supportive Wheelchair

K9 Carts Extra-Supportive dog wheelchair is similar to our Standard model, but with a front extension kit, which gives support to the front limbs. Example: when your pet can walk with the front legs, but has some weakness when using the “towel test”. The front wheels are casters and are used for guiding the cart. This cart will allow pets with some weakness in the front legs to continue to be mobile. It is only recommended for pets with moderate strength in the front limbs. Unlike the Fully-Supportive model, there’s no front leg rings on this 4-wheel cart, and it can easily convert to a 2-wheel dog cart when support in the front limbs is no longer needed.


extra-supportive-dog-wheelchair-category1.png    Extra Supportive Cart


Fully Supportive Wheelchair

The K9 Carts Fully-Supportive dog cart is for dogs that require support in all four limbs; used when your pet is unable to walk with its front legs during the “towel test” and must be supported in both the front and rear. The K9 Carts Fully-Supportive wheelchair gives support to the front and the rear, reducing weight bearing on all four limbs. Protective leg slings attached to the frame are for pets who need either the front or rear paws held up and protected from scraping on the ground.

K9 Carts Fully-Supportive 4-wheeled dog cart aids with rehabilitation by keeping your pet in a standing position, allowing for physical therapy and range-of-motion exercises on all four limbs. In many cases, our Fully-Supportive wheelchair can assist and speed up the rehabilitative process, often returning pets to full mobility. Total recovery, of course, depends on the pet’s medical condition when being placed in the cart.